When I heard the sounds I had been missing, I was ready to improve the quality of my life through hearing aids. The staff here at Hamm Hearing Aid Center were sincerely concerned about giving me ample information regarding my hearing loss and the best solution available for me
~ Ramona Ownens
I had a stroke and found out that it had affected my hearing. At my age you want to be socially connected with other people. Without my hearing aids I can’t be interactive. John made a selection of a technology, which I am very happy with. He is excellent.
~ Barbara Dondorf, Retired Nurse
It is the little things that you take for granted. Now I hear the little clicking of my turn signal and the sound of the wind blowing; it is so nice. I had been looking into hearing aids and they were very expensive. The price in John’s ad was reasonable so I called. There was never pressure or a hard sell the decision was mine. I am very satisfied.
~ W.A, Soder, Architectural Engineer
These things (hearing aids) are great- but they are not better than the people who keep them running. John runs his business the way I would, Customer Service. He even gives me a loaner if he needs to keep my hearing aid to repair it. I am impressed. Now he’s like my best friend.
~ Billy Wood